Woodlite AMBER Glass Lenses Pair



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Woodlites graced some of the most glamorous and memorable cars of the 1930s. They were supplied as standard equipment on Ruxtons, and on the limited production 1930 Jordan Speedway series, but could often be found flanking the grilles of duPonts, Cord L29s, Stutzes, Kissels, Packards, Duesenbergs and others, their Art Deco cool making these distinctive cars just that much more exotic.

These are made from an original press-mold using traditional glass making methods.

The color is not a sprayed-on dye nor a film but rather a glass tinting agent that is FIRED ON the lens in a kiln as the originals.  Very high quality reproduction.

For those who are curious about the color coming off the lens. I tried using lacquer thinner, acetone and Naptha and a rough, green scrub pad and the color didn’t come off. The sheen got a little duller because of the scrubbing but the color stayed on.  

Made in the USA.

Price is for one pair of lenses.

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