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Guide Super Ray With Cross Country Light Strap Behind Lens Driving Lamp


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A fully restored single Guide Super Ray Cross Country light.

What do we mean when we say “fully restored” and why does that matter?

Every restored light from White Glove Collection features new wiring, a new bulb, new lens, and show-quality chrome.

If you buy other lights on eBay or other online marketplaces, you run the risk of faulty wiring, chipped or scratched lenses, or (most likely) scuffed, scratched or burned chrome. Worse yet, your light could ship to you with a burned-out bulb. That means the first thing you’ll be doing with your new light is taking it to the workbench, disassembling it, and making a trip to the auto parts store to try to find a new light bulb that fits whatever socket came with your light.

When you buy a restored light from White Glove Collection, the first thing you’ll do is install it on your car, because you’ll know it will work the first time every time.

But don’t take our word for it, trust the thousands of customers who have given us positive feedback on eBay. They know that we apply the same rigorous standards to our restored lights and parts that we apply to the national award-winning concours restorations that have rolled out of our shop.

Restored lights from White Glove Collection are the perfect compliment to your show-quality classic, weekend driver, hot rod, or “chevy bomb.” Stand out at the next cruise or competition by adding some glitz and historic authenticity to your car.

Trust what thousands already know and buy your next light from White Glove Collection.

All of our lights include mounting brackets and are wired for 6V or 6 volt compatibility. We will convert your light to 12V or 12 volt compatibility, but this involves an additional charge as typically lights need to be completely disassembled to swap out the bulb.

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