BOX of Cadillac V-16 Fleetwood Body Types Designer’s Scale Drawings – 70 x 31 per Envelope


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For sale is a box of 70 sets of these drawings and envelopes.

These envelopes containing prints were found at my late father Richard Blomquist’s estate and are believed to be rare.

The Fleetwood Body Corporation’s envelope contains thirty-one (31) 11″ x 6″ designer’s scale drawings of Cadillac V-16 body types on vellum/parchment paper. Each drawing has a profile and an overhead view sketch of the vehicle.

Style Numbers Include: 4130, 4130-S, 4155, 4155-S, 4161-S, 4175, 4175-S, 4212, 4220, 4225, 4235, 4260, 4264, 4264-B, 4276, 4291, 4302, 4312, 4320, 4325, 4330, 4330-S, 4355, 4355-S, 4361-S, 4375, 4375-S, 4380, 4381, 4391 and 4476.

Buy from me at $1/each and sell them at a car show, swap meet, or local fair.

Frames are not included. These are included so we can show all 31 drawings in the set. It’s also a great inspiration for what you can do with these classic designs.

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