Customizable Serial Plates & ID Tags

White Glove Collection’s serial plates / data tags are made from shiny, new aluminum with lithographed printing or from acid-etched zinc polished to look like they’re new from the factory. Each plate or tag is based on an original and reproduced with the highest possible attention to detail. You will not find better reproductions anywhere else on the web or eBay.

Engraving or custom raised lettering is included in price the price of every serial tag we sell. Tags without serial numbers and other customized information are also available at a discounted price. Please call 608-780-8229 for details.

Include your VIN number in the notes during checkout and we’ll take care of the rest.

After placing your order, we’ll call you to confirm any further details that may be required for your tag, such as body style, paint color, weight, front-end weight, etc. We know the proper codes and figures to include in these blanks based on the details of your vehicle.